~ Who is Alec? ~


The team at Alecsys has personified Alec™...

We are often asked, "Who is Alec™?"

Alec™ is a collaborative and cognitive platform which aggregates our clients' data, and using machine learning, reveals valuable insights to our clients. Alec™ is our "learning" colleague who guides and drives the innovation here at Alecsys.

The response from our clients, who have adopted Alec™ as a member of their team, has been overwhelming. Our clients are beginning to understand the implications and are using Alec™ to determine optimal price points, promotions, and product placements. With the collaboration among our team, we are bringing Alec™ to new markets.

The biggest surprise we found is the receptiveness of Alec™.

In the past, it has taken years for people to get comfortable with this cognitive technology, but this technology is now being adopted almost overnight. Every professional can be as good as the best professional in their business sector with the help of a cognitive assistant like Alec™.

Alec™ is scaling the greatest of minds to every mind!