Welcome to Alecsys™
Alecsys™ is considered a leader in SaaS (Software as a Service). Since its founding in 2001, Alecsys™ has been committed to developing cloud-based sales and marketing solutions for its clients around the globe. The key to our clients' efficiency and increased productivity, we believe, is to create cloud-based applications which can be accessed globally and provide timely and accurate information. Our focus at Alecsys™ is to collect and integrate our clients' data with our proprietary cloud-based software so all our clients' business partners have an accurate view of the same information. Suppliers, manufacturers, sales representatives, retailers, and consumers all need some component of the same information to work more efficiently together.
~ Solutions with Alec™ ~
Convergence is our complete suite of products ~ Affinity, Insight, Connect & Rainmaker. Businesses utilize the complete suite to improve communication within their organization to increase sales and opportunities within their current markets.
Affinity customer relationship management (CRM) serves to manage organizations' interactions with current and potential customers. By creating a centralized repository, organizations are able to synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and support which results in an increase in customer satisfaction and an increase in revenue.
Insight business intelligence (BI) is helping give "insight" into sales opportunities within organizations' current markets. Insight makes transactional data actionable ~ assisting businesses in redefining their sales and marketing campaigns ~ resulting in increased sales, profits, market share, and efficiency.
Connect serves as a private and secure corporate social network allowing employees to collaborate and work more closely and efficiently. Share updates on files, projects, and data among your organizational or corporate structure.
Rainmaker is designed to build and track n-tier sales incentives and marketing initiatives. With Rainmaker, program administrators, along with participants themselves, can view individual and team progress.